Dating stone age tools

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But nearly a million years later, more sophisticated two-sided hand axes or cleavers emerged.These Aucheulean tools could be up to 7.8 inches (20 centimeters) long and were probably used to butcher meat.Flaking is an example of a Stone Age technology skill.Flaking involves using a hammer stone to form sharp edges on an object stone by striking it on its sides.About a half-hour north of Austin and a meter deep in water-logged silty clay, researchers have uncovered evidence of human occupation dating back as much as 16,700 years, including fragments of human teeth and more than 90 stone tools.

But then, years later, they made an even more powerful find in the same place — another layer of artifacts that were older still.The Mesolithic began with the Holocene warm period around 11660 BC as the last glacial period ended.Mesolithic societies were the hunter-gatherer communities that inhabited Europe in the millennia between the Last Ice Age and the dawn of agriculture, spanning some 5,000 years between 12,000 and 7,000 years ago.Lithic simply means stone, and Palaeo, Meso, and Neo mean respectively 'old' (from Greek palaios), 'middle' (from Greek misos) and 'new' (from Greek neos).The Palaeolithic period is an unimaginably vast length of time stretching back from the end of the last Ice Age to the dawn of tool-making humans (Homo Habilis) some 2.5 to 2 million years ago, a period covering 99% of our existence.

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28) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Ancient tools Human ancestors used primitive tools as far back as 2.6 million years ago, when roamed the Earth.

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