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In a 30-second commercial for the meal, posted on You Tube by ad agency Leo Burnett Israel, a voiceover says: "Kid's meal?That's for kids," as the music changes from chirpy to something more seductive."But even if we think that the way to advance the mission is to sleep with [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad's chief of staff, no one in the Mossad would allow us to do it. We flirt, but the line is drawn at sex."Only a tiny percentage who apply to join the Mossad are accepted.Of the thousands who apply, most are weeded out by the screening process.Sex shop Ann Summers saw a 43 percent increase in sales of bondage products online between 20, using the Webgains affiliate network, and the report claims other adult retailers including Lovehoney and Bondara are also likely to see a surge in popularity.

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Without your support and efforts my vital work could well be silenced. David Duke An expose of Jewish religious Extremism showing how Jewish religious leaders are sexual deceit and seduction in pursuit of Jewish interests. Duke asks the question: What would be the media response if the Pope issued an edict saying Catholic girls should sexually seduce enemies of the Church?

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