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If you’re under the impression that Jesus wants you to conform to some ridiculous mold that sucks the fun out of your dating life, it’s time to rethink who Jesus is and start to form a renewed mindset about what His desires are for your life.

He wants you to enjoy dating to the fullest, and He wants you to begin to lay the foundational groundwork now so you can build upon it as time moves forward in your dating relationship.

And the further apart you are when the breakup happens, the more painful it will be because you’ve been together longer. You’ll avoid a lot of future pain if you’re honest enough to address the potential relationship-ending issues now rather than later.

Of course, this is especially important in the spiritual aspect of your relationship.

He then turned to his brand new girlfriend and randomly pointed at one of the questions to ask her. Will you have a large wedding or will you use that money for a large down payment?

It was a really tough question “Is there anything in your past that I should be aware of? What questions do you have about money after this conversation?

Now please do not go out and start asking these questions on the first date. ” I had warned people not to just randomly ask questions because you do not know what you will get as an answer. What problems do you see in your partner in how they deal with money? What behaviour is appropriate for those who are going to practice sexual abstinence before marriage? He told me he pestered (his word) his girlfriend for 30 minutes on the bus ride to answer. First dates are not the time to be thinking about the genetic advantages our future children might enjoy, but – let’s be honest – our minds can easily drift that direction.We put pressure on ourselves and on our dates to have a vision for our future together as soon as possible.

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A lot of people have the tendency to think a Christian dating relationship is dull or lacks adventure.

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