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Quote about dating violence

This line is spoken twice in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

First, Charlie (Logan Lerman) asks his teacher, Bill (Paul Rudd), why his friends and family choose to be with people who treat them badly.

That is why adults need to talk to teens now about the importance of developing healthy, respectful relationships.

It will genuinely help elevate the debate around domestic violence and will help women all over the world.So peace does not mean just putting an end to violence or to war, but to all other factors that threaten peace, such as discrimination, such as inequality, poverty. No martyr's cause has ever been stilled by an assassin's bullet.Aung San Suu Kyi The problems we face now - poverty and violence at home, war and destruction abroad - will last only as long as we continue relying on the same politicians who created them in the first place. No wrongs have ever been righted by riots and civil disorders.Victims of teen dating violence are more likely to experience symptoms of depression and anxiety.Nobody will forget that picture of Rihanna – eyes blackened, face swollen and bruised. “I just never understood that, like how the victim gets punished over and over.

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Later in the film, Sam (Emma Watson) poses Charlie the same question.

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