Vanessa dating gossip girl is carter oosterhouse dating

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Vanessa dating gossip girl

Bart Bass was a little bit too psychotic and William kind of split the difference.

William is going to let her enjoy her teacup full of gin and be as much like her mother as she's likely going to become.

She stops to see Jenny and tells her that she's breaking things off with Nate.

Their arrival however takes a different turn for relationship.

Nate and Vanessa are caught smooching in Gossip Girl territory starting a chain of events that leaves Vanessa in tears and her friendship with Jenny shattered. A bored and clueless Jenny calls Vanessa over to the apartment to ask her why she thinks Nate didn't call her.

Vanessa tells her she needs to forget about him and doesn't know why. Shortly after Vanessa leaves, Jenny gets a visit from one of the Blair wanna-bes who wants Jenny to make her a gown for the Snowflake ball. But, Vanessa says, it's the same exact thing you did to me.

Dan was almost (accidentally) revealed as Gossip Girl in the very first episode.

Jack and Georgina totally would have been a thing if the scheduling worked out.

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Later on, Jenny drops off the dress she made and all of Blair's friends are there. When one of them walks out in a dress that's see-through in the light, a bulb flashes in their heads.

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